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Are you tired of others using your bin? Have you had enough of loud banging noise? You go to your wheelie bin hundreds of times every year, make each visit better.

Lid Assist featured on a BBC One TV show called, “The Customer Is Always Right”, the review went very well (further improvements have been made since it was filmed, it’s now designed to last). On the TV show, the hosts said they loved it and would buy it, Lid Assist also got a higher score than the UK invention of the year.

How it works

Guide to Lid Assist

How does it work?


Let Lid Assist hold the lid for you

Lid Assist clips to the handle of your wheelie bin, it holds the bin lid open at a convenient angle and prevents the bin lid from banging loudly. Also, you won’t have to reach down every time to retrieve your bin lid.


It keeps your bin lid shut

Lid Assist can clamp in a horizontal position to keep your bin lid shut. This keeps animals out, stops wind blowing rubbish everywhere and deters people from using your bin.


It is really easy to use

Lid Assist is above competitors with its functionality, mobility, instalation process, and more affordable prices.


Keep the environment clean!

No more picking up trash you already put in the bin. Lid Assist prevents trash spillages caused by wind, animals and people.

Why Us



No more dragging your heavy bin to and from a wall. When the bin lid is propped open against a wall, the bin wheels are on that side too, which means you cannot tilt the bin onto its wheels, you are instead forced to drag the bin. Dragging full bins, without wheeling them, can cause injuries.

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Stops wheelie bin lid from banging

Some of the latest UK bins have a built-in lid stopper (stops the lid from going all the way over and banging), which proves this is a desirable feature.

Clamps bin lid closed

Lid clamps are being sold all over the world so it proves customers want them, but Lid assist does more than just clamp lids shut.

Easily identifies your bin

Lid Assist is available in various colours, so you will spot which bin is yours straight away on bin collection day.

Lockable and secure

Theft-proof. With its anti-theft holes, you can easily attach a padlock to secure your Lid Assist to the wheelie bin.

Built to last using very tough materials

Improved materials guarantee that the product is build tough and will last long without any problems.

Quick and easy to fit

It’s very simple to install. Set the position once and leave it forever, or clamp the lid shut every time, whichever you prefer.


How to put it on?


First step

Hook Lid Assist on top of bin handle as shown on the picture, sticking out from the side of the bin.


Second step

Place rubber strip in-between Lid Assist clamp and the bin handle. Put Tension Bar into Slot.


Third step

Turn Tension Knob clockwise to clamp Lid Assist at any angle. Clamped horizontally, it will keep the lid shut.


Fourth step

Loosen Tension Knob to alter the angle of Lid Assist. Clamped vertically, it will hold the lid open upright for you.

What are you waiting for?

With every sale of Lid Assist, we give 12% to a local Charity called, Unique Kidz & Co. We also offer fast & free shipping.

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